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  N=NuCanoe    F=Frontier

  Custom  Accessories Frontier

The New Frontier Casting Bar

The new Casting Bar is super strong, very sturdy, highly functional, and it looks great.  After reviewing the competition and listening to the comments at iCast and Outdoor Retailer, we are convinced the Frontier Casting Bar stands far above the competition!

F #2450


Add just about anything to the Freedom Track  with the Slider Kit.  The stainless steel slider has a 1.25" 1/4-20 stud and works with items up to 1" thick.
F #2410

Secure a battery box, fishing crate, or cooler in the Frontier Crate Space with the Crate Space Buckle.  The straps are 1 1/2" wide and 22" long.  Includes buckle and two slides.

N F  #2420

FISHING CRATE PAK - The fishing Crate Pak is your fishing tackle storage solution.  It holds 2 tackle boxes, 3 rods, and multiple tools on the outside and has a 12" cubed compartment on the inside.  Fits perfectly in the Frontier Crate Space.  (not as pictured).
N F #2430

SLIDE MOUNT - Secure your choice of mounts & gear to the Slide Mount and then positon it  right where you want it on the Freedom Track.  Pre-drilled slots fit Ram, Scotty, & Yak Attack mounts.  Includes 4" Risers & Freedom Track Sliders.

F #2440

Mighty Slide Mount - Slide Mount with 3 Mighty Mounts.  Ready for Screwball or Mighty Bolt rod holders or devices.

F #2441

Slide Mount FF - Slide Mount with 3 Mighty Mounts and Transducer Arm for your Fish or Depth Finder.  The Transducer Arm positions your transducer over the gunwale in the water, and the display unit secures in a Mighty Mount, keeping everything in one place.  Made of Marine Starboard.

F #2442

CASTING BAR - Stand easily and fish confidently with the Frontier Casting Bar.  It works in the Freedom Track and folds forward when you don't need it.  Includes foam grip and paddle rest.  Made from powder coated aluminum. 4 lbs.

F #2450



  Transportation & Storage

Heavy Duty Boat Cart - Includes hold down strap, carriage platform, (not shown)   kick stand support to position the boat and 16" wheels for trail clearance and sand crossing.  Transports another 150 lbs plus boat weight,        Total weight capacity 250 lbs.



Transport Cart - Makes geting to and from the water easy and loading the NuCanoe onto a roof rack, truck bed, or trailer a breeze - even when on your own!  Attaches via the transom hole.

N F  #2610


NuCanoe Cover  -   10'  Form-fitted cover with internal bungee straps to keep your boat protected from the elements in storage or in transport.  Made of 600D nylon and has 4 D-rings & card for securing cover to your boat

N F  #2620

NuCanoe/Frontier Cover  12'  Form-fitted cover with internal bungee straps to keep your boat protected from the elements in storage or in transport.  Made of 600D nylon and has 4 D-rings & card for securing cover to your boat

N F   #2622

NuCanoe Solo Trailer - Lightweight aluminum trailer makes your boat as easy to maneuver on land as it is on water.  Trailer has tow loading bars to enable boat to be puller onto the trailer.  A handle near the hitch makes it easy to move by hand.

N F   #2700 Solo Boat Trailer


SCREW BALL Use your favorite RAM ball mount rod holders in the Frontier Freedom Track with the Screwball.  Twist it to tighten to the Track, then add on your favorite rod holder.  Available with a 1" or 1/5" ball

F #4002

$12.00 Ram 1"Screw Ball     

F #4003 
Ram  1.5" Screw Ball     

MIGHTY MOUNT + FULLBACK - The Mighty Mount is a base for the Screwball that can be installed just about anywhere.  Includes all required hardware.

F #4005
  Mighty Mount                                  

F #4006
        Might Mount  w/Fullback   


Spinning  Ideal for spinning and bait casting rods.  Features a secure clasp that rotates over the rod to keep it in place.  1.5" Screwball for use in Freedom Track and Mighty Mounts..

F #4013
            Rod Holder  w/Screwball         

Fly - Designed for fly rods with a double locking clasp and open area for the reel.  Also works well as a resting cradle for any style rod.  Includes 1.5" Screwball for use in Freedom Track and Mighty Mounts.

F #4023
               Fly Rod Holder w/Screwball       


Tube - Simple, clean, and ready for years of use, the self-draining Rod Tube has a 1.9" diameter and 10' inner depth.  Great for rods, fishing nets, light poles, and more.  Includes 1.5" Screwball for use in Freedom Track and Mighty Mounts.

F #4033
           Rod Tube w/Screwball        

 Zooka Tube - Specifically designed for Kayak Anglers, the versatile Zooka Tube incorporates a spinning rod holder and a rod tube into one device, with a variety of advanced features not seen in standard rod holders.  Includes 1.5" Screwball for use in Freedom Track and Mighty Mount.

 F #4043


Visipole w/NuCanoe Flag- Be visible at all times and in all conditions with the VisiPole.  The 48" pole has an orange NuCanoe logo flag and a coast guard approved light.  Secures to a Mighty Mount, in the Freedom Track, or in a Rod Tube.

F #4110


PANFISH PORTRAIT Capture your best fish and experiencs with this low profile camera mount.  It is out of your way buy readily available when you need it.  Has a 1/4-20 stud to attach your camera and secures in the Freedom Track or to a Might Mount

F #4120

   Hunting Accessories

Layout Duck Blind - Low profile Duck Blind for the Frontier 12.  Consists of bow section, stern section, and two side panels.  Features include folding doors for maximum concealment, stern dog pod, motor mount opening, and vegetation straps from bow to stern.  Best with kayak style seat or a layout seat.  Utilizes existing deck hardware.

F #5012



 Upright Duck Blind - Cover that fits snuggly on the Frontier.  The blind consists of a bow section with dog pod and pull-up cover, and a stern section that is 30" off the deck floor.  Provides great concealment and lots of room for gear.  Utilizes Real Tree Max 4 Camo Pattern.

F #5014



Camo Max 360 Seat  - Turn your fishing world around and around in maximum comfort.  Features an extra wide seat bottom, thick cushioning, and a 16" tall upright back rest with seatback storage pouch.  Includes Swivel Seat Mounting Kit.

F #3073   (with Standard Swivel)



   Rowing Accessories

Cataract Oars (Pair) - High performance 7' Cataract composite one piece oar set.  Includes rubber hand grips and oar collars.  6 1/2 lbs per pair

  (Fits NuCanoe Classic Models only)

F #6020

   Motor Accesssories

Transom Motor Plate - Protect your Transom while using a motor and prevent any water from coming in though the Transom hole. Tighten the wing nut to expand the plug and create a snug fit. Plate is made of 1/4″ thick Marine Starboard.

F #7100

U-Joint Tiller Extension - Universal tiller extension handle with U-joint.  Enables complete motor control with minimum arm movement.  Telescopes from 32 - 48"

F #7110


 Battery Box  - Group size 24 battery box keep you  attery dry & secure

N F  #7130

Bow Motor Mount - Enable the use of a remote control, bow mount trolling more on the Frontier. The Bow Motor Mount attaches via 3 x 1/4-20 screws and fits the MinnKota Power Drive V2 motors. Marine Starboard.

F #7150





Rope & Anchor Kit - 3 lb galvinized folding anchor.  Rubber plug with bushiing fits inside transom hole and prevents anchor rope from rubbing on the boat hull. Includes 35' of 1/4" reflective cord..

N F  #7315


Trolley Anchor  - Deck hardware, trolley rope, and rigging for useing a trolley anchor system.  Requrew 13/64" drill bit and rivet tool for installation

N F  #7320

Stand Up Handle - Stand up and sit down with ease.  Addjustable length to fit your seat position perfectly.  Clips via carabineer to pre-installed attachment point.

N F   #7410

                     Kayak Paddles 

 275cm  Aluminum

N F  #8070


275cm Angler Fiberglass

N F  #8175


275cm Angler Carbon Fiber

N F  #8275


Transformer Paddle -  Interchangeable parts enable the Transformer to be a 275cm kayak paddle, a SUP paddle, a stake out pole, or a push pole.  Fiberglass Shaft.

N F  #8300

Transformer Paddle Lite  - Transformer Paddle set with only the Kayak Paddle and SUP paddle options. ( Picture is not accurate it shows the Transformer Paddle  Complete)  

N F  #8301


Seat Screws - Tee knob screw for securing rod holder mounts. 

N #7050
$1.50 ea

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